Aboriginal Performers in Adelaide for Private & Corporate Events

Aboriginal Performers in Adelaide for Private & Corporate Events

Aboriginal performers AdelaideHire the best aboriginal performers for parties, birthdays, fundraisers, product launch, dinner dance, Australia Day, and any other private or corporate entertainment event in Australia. We have the most talented aboriginal performers working with us to provide world class entertainment for your event. Be ready to be impressed at your next event with our professional aboriginal performers in Adelaide.

If you are holding an event in Adelaide and seeking Aboriginal and Indigenous performances, Australian Entertainment Talent Agency have a professional reliable team of Aboriginal performers here in Adelaide. Aboriginal performances are so important since we need to acknowledge the original inhabitants of our country, the roots of our culture, and its beginnings.

Below are the various offerings for an Aboriginal Performance:

Aboriginal Welcome To Country Speech

Aboriginal Welcome To Country Speech is a paramount element of any Aboriginal event. It is a way to pay due respects to the Aboriginal people of Australia. The Elders are ready to perform a Welcome To Country Speech to open events and welcome the people to their land. Our staff is professional and experienced, and are ready to perform Aboriginal Welcome to Country Speech.

Aboriginal Welcome + Didgeridoo Performance – plain clothes

Enjoy Aboriginal Welcome plus a lovely Didgeridoo sounds to entertain your guests at any special event. The sounds of the Didgeridoo will bring out the core of Australian culture. Just feel it.

Aboriginal Welcome + Didgeridoo Performance – traditional clothes

This performance includes Aboriginal Welcome plus Didgeridoo playing in traditional outfits. Our Aboriginal performers will delight your guests with the sounds of nature through a marvelous didgeridoo performance.

Aboriginal Welcome + Cleansing Ceremony

Our Aboriginal performers will combine a traditional Aboriginal Welcome and perform a Cleansing Ceremony to cleanse the people and the place, and keep bad omens and spirits away in a truly Australian way.

Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony

Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony is an important ancient ritual in which native leaves are burnt mainly for cleansing purposes. It is believed to invoke the ancestors and ward off against undesirable spirits.

Aboriginal Dance Performance

Some Aboriginal Dance performances include corroborees, celebration dances such as Wangka, creation dances, initiation, and more. Our Aboriginal Dancers have vast experience and, of course, permission from their Elders to perform their dances.

We also offer Aboriginal Cultural Awareness, Aboriginal Cultural Supervision, Aboriginal Emcee, and other Aboriginal Cultural Services. Simply let us know what kind of Aboriginal performance you are looking for, and we will make it happen. An Aboriginal performance will help your event become a total success.

Beside amazing aboriginal shows, we offer other talented performances in different categories that will suit your particular corporate or private entertainment needs.

Let our experienced aboriginal performers entertain your guests at your next event. We offer the best aboriginal shows all over Australia and Asia. Whether you are in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, Gold Coast, Adelaide, or Asia. Get in touch with us now so we can book the best aboriginal performers for your next gathering or corporate event.

There is no function or event too small or too big to handle. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations from your initial contact with our Adelaide entertainment agency, to the professional booking entertainment such as Adelaide Aboriginal Performers and following up with our sincere appreciation and requesting any feedback you may have so we can continually provide outstanding service in Adelaide.

Your event or function means the world to us and be assured we will always go beyond the call of duty to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service in Adelaide or whichever state of Australia you are in.  We also service Asia and the Middle East.